Guest Posting with Article Submission

Blogging as a guest is not about getting backlinks. Instead, it would help if you took the opportunity to converse and find new friends. Above all, build relationships with those that are not part of your niche. The phenomenon is essential for SEO 2020, and we were hoping you could take this opportunity and do something good about it.

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Benefits of Article Submission

You can get many benefits by guest blogging, or publishing a story on someone else’s page, mainly if you write good and reliable content. Everyone is looking for a new storys to read. Usually, people are more interested than you think. It is your niche – you are the expert. Be sure to try to teach us something about what you are good at!

So please think a few steps further before choosing to publish here. What do you want to get out of the guest post? What thoughts do you have and what ideas do you want to realize? Being able to make a guest post is more than just being seen. You have the opportunity to be able to attract a whole new type of clientele. So you should think in terms like ”What can I offer these people?”

Then, of course, I understand that many people are only interested in backlink from us, which is OK. Just as I explained earlier, you will be able to get a backlink from us if you deliver good content. It is no more complicated than that. If, on the other hand, we find that you cannot provide good content, your post will disappear quickly.

Spun articles will be deleted.

We do not want this to be a spam forum. Instead, we want to be able to offer original and exciting guest posts and article submissions that are open to genuine affiliates or just people interested in getting a platform.

So think carefully before choosing to publish with us because we can be tough, especially if you send in a spun article.

This site is about being able to present guides or come up with something new. Anyone can register on this site. But anyone will not be published. For us to approve your article submission, it must be unique.
We will test it for plagiarism. It is OK to link to yourself or other pages. However, if you want your link to remain, we want to see a link back. We will look through the links posted and look for.

Furthermore, we want to see a proper language. It is mostly about the content and, as previously mentioned, you do not copy someone else’s text or in any way, spin the article.

With that, we hope that you will write something interesting and preferably something that gives value. It can be anything. So it doesn’t just apply to our affiliates. There are lots of stories out there that no one has told yet. Maybe you are sitting on a story worth noting? Do not hesitate to register here on the right and share your fantasy history.

Don’t forget to link back to us!

Or have you come up with something you want to share? Write so that the pen burns! Please link back to yourself, but don’t forget to give us a link back. Without the link, we cannot survive. A site that only has lots of external links – without getting any back, never gets any attention. But you are probably aware of that.

So please! Don’t forget to give us a link back. You help keep the page alive – and we will keep your post alive as well.